As an avid Netflix watcher I rely on their Original series to keep me going. I wasn’t aware of COLONY until Netflix showed it as a new release this month. I’m not sure why it wasn’t until now that I knew about this shows existence but I am happy I do now. Upon watching it I couldn’t help but wonder…

Where was I and what was I doing on December 15, 2015 that I missed this pilot? Or better, yet where was I and what was I doing on January 16 2016 when the show was broadcasted on USA Network? Who knows, but once I watched the pilot this month I was hooked. I never make it a purpose of mine to read the synopsis of anything, and have something sway my decision or deter me from watching it. My Netflix is open, I give everything a fair chance and pray it doesn’t disappoint.

Colony, a science fiction TV drama created by Ryan J. Condal and Carlton Cuse aired their pilot the end of 2015. The show will air on USA Network January 2017 and hopefully graces the Netflix app before we slide into 2018. Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as the main actors seem to be born for these roles, kudos to casting.

Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as the main actors seem to be born for these roles, kudos to casting.
Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as the main actors seem to be born for these roles, kudos to casting.

Moving along, I’m not a huge fan of Science Fiction, but I tend to find myself watching the genre every now and again. The problem I find when it comes to Sci-Fi is that the shows, at times, can be cheesy with affects and acting. The best Sci-Fi shows are the ones that surprises you, the ones that makes you think it’s anything but what it is. The one that catches you with the plot, the acting, the visual, making you addicted, and therefore unwilling to cast it aside once you see the cliche alien or spaceship. I must confess, this show does give way to an alien presence, but without ET running around distracting me I was able to get lost in the plot.

We aren’t immediately told everything but it works, and doesn’t confuse the viewers. Through subtle gestures, we begin to piece together what has happened and what is happening. The hyperrealistic visual effects makes you feel that this could happen to us…as though “the arrival” is something not to far in the future. Who are these “Host”? What do they want? Are they here to stay for the long run, or is their visit temporary? I’m sure the writers are going to take their time to answer these questions, adding twists and turns we would have never seen coming. And to that I say TAKE YOUR TIME…The acting is amazing, the stars are HOT, and I am invested in this show.

The Arrival??
The Arrival??

Even if you’re not into aliens, and other Sci-Fi tropes, you’d still want to watch it. It doesn’t throw you head first into Sci-fi action as the show’s pacing is superb. The story coaxes you in like you’re trying to get a baby to take vitamins or a toddler to take a nap. Two people trying to solve the same problem, taking two drastically different paths trying to yield the same outcome, something we can all relate to. Can your dictator that tore apart your family help you put it back together?? Or would rebellion give you the union you desire?? There’s an extraterrestrial presence, but where are they? Who are they? ET? Super-humans?? Your imagination is challenged by the lack of their presence.

There’s a lot of action, mystery, and suspense. More than those three was the screaming at the television, shaking my phone and trying to telepathically convince the actors what to do and what not to do. And yes…I said my phone. I often watch Netflix on my phone, don’t judge me. (The app is great and you’re missing out) The plot leaves us asking questions like: How far would you go to get back/find the person that you love? What lengths? Who would you trust? Who could you trust ?? What relationships would you sacrifice???

All I know is that these are the questions I like to asking when watching a show, not wondering how low their budget was because I can obviously see that the effects were done on green screen.

Where am I going to be January 12th 2017?? Watching COLONY that’s for sure and you should be as well.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and what you believe in or not. A lot of you may be off work tomorrow take this as the perfect time to catch up on this show before its to late, Jan 12th is around the corner.

Till Next Time…


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