“I’m not going to sit here and pretend to know what makes us who we are but I got to figure its more than just the sum of what we remember.”

I’m tired of watching shows that I feel are good then trying to share it only to hear a few say “I’ve seen it already and it was really good.” Well, if it was so damn good why didn’t you tell me about it when you saw it? I obviously thought about you why not visa versa? I feel that the industry is so saturated with good shows that its hard to decide which ones we should actually spend time on, or which ones should we decide to binge watch?? Well that’s where I come in, I will spend the hours per day and let you know what I think and you will see if it intrigues you enough to watch it.

Travelers, a Science-Fiction show, created by Brad Wright, made its debut on Netflix December 23rd, 2016. If you’re looking for an action packed show, this is not it. I have to admit at first when I started watching I was overly excited, but after the first episode it started to slow down. There was a lot of explanation to help us wrap our head around their concept of time travel and their reason for being sent back to the 21st Century. Granted, it wasn’t until episode six that we find out what their mission is but once the episode ends I couldn’t help but check to see how many more episodes were left. Accomplish the mission, save the future, make human kind great again and that’s it right?? WRONG….much to my surprise there are a  total number of TWELVE episodes that’s right TWELVE episodes for what?? Well I’ll tell you why, its been said any change in the past no matter how incremental can have adverse affects on the future. How could they know that preventing an event that would catastrophically alter the future would still leave the future in turmoil? That although they thought they were helping the future they indeed made it worse?

Welcome to the 21st!!
Welcome to the 21st!!

Taking a step back, let’s discuss how the time travel. So right before you die, be it natural causes, or an accident, your conscience is overridden by someone else’s conscience from the future, hell bent on saving the earth lol. But when they come to in the 21st century I am shocked at the simple things that they don’t know. One traveler does an internet search on how to care for an infant, another is excited about the existence of bacon, another doesn’t know what a carrot is, and another is excited to breathe fresh air and run. To me, this speaks to the magnitude of the destruction of the future.

They come back in teams inhabiting various strangers who may have never crossed paths naturally, to come together to embark on this mission. An FBI agent who is seemly an alcoholic, a college student who is a drug addict, a mentally challenged young lady, a high school jock, and a abused mother become host for the consciences of our saviors. I would love to get a glimpse of this future that’s so horrible that they resort to using these people. Idk, do you think it may ruin the show if we are able to see this “future”, maybe if they do it would be too computerized, and destroy the quality of the show, who knows but what ARE they fighting so hard to prevent??

Traveler 3326 AND Traveler 3569
Traveler 3326 AND Traveler 3569

In this quest for a better tomorrow there are rules like ‘Protocol Three: Don’t save a life don’t take a life’. But what happens when human instinct takes over and the want to save human life intervenes? ‘The Director’ sets the protocols and makes the decisions for the betterment of the future. The Director also decides whose consciousness will be overridden. Nevertheless, who can decide the existence of someone…should existence be based on a persons merit? 

Whatever the case, their method of time travel is pretty cool. However, I can’t help but wonder what happens to their bodies when they travel to the past: if it is that they are implementing themselves into another body….oh thats right ‘Protocol Five: Indefinite’.

Then, wait for it, there is heart-racing, ‘edge of your seat’ action in the season finale; but just when the pace picks up they drop you like a hot potato. Thanks a lot for making me a chocolate cake, taking it away from me, and telling me I’m going to have to wait ’till God knows when so that I can eat it. THANK YOU FOR NOTHING….JK….UMM can you please let me know when Season 2 will be released please and thank you. 😉

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