Happy Valley


To be honest with you guys I really had a hard time starting this review although it was not for lack of trying. Coming off of a euphoric high from my last review on ‘Travelers’, I got so excited to start my third review. I was amped, pumped, stoked and ready to begin. You see, I had finished my last review relatively early and saw endless time ahead of me to begin my next one. However there was only one problem, I had become torn between two really good Netflix Originals and didn’t know which one to choose. I had already preselected something I already watched and seeing as though I had endless time to re-watch, take notes, and type I decided to watch something else, which in the end became my downfall.

That being said, I decided to choose the show that I most recently watched as a result of it being THAT good. I wanted to stay clear of shows that already had more than one season but unfortunately I’m sad to say that ‘Happy Valley’ roped me in. ‘Happy Valley’ a British crime drama was originally released on BBC ONE on April 29th, 2014 and the second series followed on February 9th 2016. As with my other posts, if I had known how good this show was I would have watched it long before now.

Happy Valley is as messed up as they come, but I’m not saying my second choice wasn’t as bad, but this took the cake. Sergeant Cawood who is portrayed by Sarah Lancashire lives a seemingly normal life. She has a good job, had two kids, her sister lives with her, and she takes care of her grandson on a permanent basis. But how can I get you guys to understand how good this show is without giving away to much information?? A seemingly normal life, and I use this term loosely since in this day and age not everyone lives a black and white lifestyle, there are shades of grey. In the first episode we are thrown into action with Cawood trying to prevent a civilian from lighting himself on fire, both hilarious and nerve recking, I was instantly enthralled.

Sergeant Cawood and her sister Clare Cartwright
Sergeant Cawood and her sister Clare Cartwright

We then take a journey through Cawood’s life which has a lot of potholes; I would like to say apart from being a divorcee, one of her kids doesn’t speak to her, the other is dead which is why she is left to take care of her grandson, and her sister is an recovering alcoholic. The icing on top of the cake is that the person responsible for the death of her daughter has been recently released from prison. The fondant on top of the cake is…well let’s just say you’re going to have to watch to find out. This plot has so many twist and turns that it keeps you on your toes. If you have seen this show on your Netflix suggestions and have scrolled past it, I beseech you to give it another look, its absolutely worth it. British crime DRAMA emphasis on the DRAMA. Episode after episode, Cawood doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break which is sad, but fine for me because it had me going, I was able to binge watch both series back to back which says a lot since each episode is about an hour long and both series has about six episodes.

Would you approach the person responsible for the death of your daughter??
Would you approach the person responsible for the death of your daughter??

The rating on the show is TV-MA so I strongly advise not to make this a night time show for the family, leave it for late nights with the mister or misses. I watched one episode with my boyfriend and he was so taken aback by the messed up storyline that he did not want to watch it. It does make for an uncomfortable watch but if you’re up for it I say DO IT DO IT DO IT, LOL. I tried to get him to watch one more episode with me but he wasn’t having it lol. In all actuality, I turned off the episode before it was finished so he wouldn’t have to watch it but best believe while he was pleasantly engaged in something else, on it went. He did sing its praises for its “short icon” (which is a term he made up to describe visual cues in shows) and the shows ability to tie everything together.  One thing’s for sure, the families from this part of town seem to have some major issues.

It would be remised of me if I didn’t mention that the beginning of Series Two felt a little off to me. The end of Series One had me thinking…Wellll all righty then let me get some more snacks use the bathroom and brace myself for the next episodes to come. Nonetheless I wasn’t too impressed by the first half of Series Two episode one, its my strong belief that the writer Sally Wainwright spoiled me with her endless reveals in Series One and countless action scenes that I expected just that at the start of Series Two. At any rate Series Two carried its weight and was amazing.

Never a dull day!!
Never a dull day!!

Cawood is as strong as they come and I doubt I would’ve being able to live through half the things she went through in Series One let alone Series Two, so I can only imagine what’s in store for Series Three. Sally Wainwright, I anxiously await Series Three. Please don’t allow another TWO YEARS to lapse before you let us in on what you have planned for Sergeant Cawood. PLEASE I BEG YOU.


Till Next Time…


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