Let me start by saying that this isn’t so much as a review but more like a semi spoiler. That being said SPOILER ALERT!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!

It has come to my attention via my boyfriend that I have been making these “Sunday” releases too late and therefore they could and should be considered Monday releases therefore I will try my utmost best to release my Netflix Original reviews 10AM on Sundays! (pray for me people 😊). Of course this will start next Sunday, not today lol. So as you guys will recall last week Sunday, I mentioned that I was torn between two shows and ended up picking what I thought to be the better of the two. When I first watched this week’s pick I thought it was really cool, but upon watching it a second time I find myself struggling to get through it. On that note I’ve decided to let you guys in on what I passed up on. Marcella, a Netflix Original Series which aired April 4th 2016 is a British crime drama written, produced, and directed by Hans Rosenfeldt. 

This show stars a talented Anna Friel as a former London detective that returns to work after her husband leaves her. Friel plays Marcella Backland, who suffers from continuous blackouts while investigating a serial murderer. Rosenfeldt does an amazing job in the first episode; starting off twelve days into the future where Marcella is cradling her knees in a tub full of bloody water, obviously trying to figure how she got there, and what the hell just happened. Through that, we are taken through the downfall of Marcellas’ mental state. Her husband decides to leave her, London police ask for her help in solving a case involving a returned serial killer, (who apparently was hibernating for eleven years) and she figures out who her husband was seeing, which makes for a meaty 46 minutes.

What have I done?? What did I do?? If anything at all.
What have I done?? What did I do?? If anything at all.

But why am I so annoyed?? Am I allowed to say that these things tend to happen but not everyone suffers a mental breakdown? She seeks professional help for her blackouts, and in this scene we find out that this is not the first time that she experiences this, and when it happens she’s often quite violent. By the end of the episode, she is convinced that she has killed her husbands mistress in the midst of one of her blackouts. What kept me watching is that Rosenfeldt jerks us around like a yo-yo, making us feel at one turn that she didn’t and couldn’t possible do it, and again at another turn making us feel like she did. 

Going back to Marcella’s mental state, I ask how normal is it, I understand that people handle stress differently and everyones reaction isn’t going to be the same but violent blackouts?? Also how can the police department be so unaware of simple things like surveillance cameras?? She does a search prior to them finding her husbands mistress’s body and they accept her reasoning at face value, why?? Why isn’t Marcella Backland suspect numero UNO?? If this was NYC Police would this have even been a question lol jk who knows.

Jason and Marcella Backland.
Jason and Marcella Backland.

Eight episodes, in season one, and I am whole-heartedly convinced that she is the killer. How convenient that when her husband leaves her, she’s back on the police force without question, thrown into an ongoing serial killer investigation, and that her husbands lover dies in the same fashion as all the other recent killings. The show is leading us to believe that the yet-to-be-captured serial killer  is the person that committed this gruesome crime. This tug of war with my thoughts makes feel like I’m going crazy myself. This plot has a bunch of twist and turns but its not until episode eight that we are faced with the biggest plot twist of them all. Lets just say that there is more to it than what we see.

Sound design was amazing!!!!
Sound design was amazing!!!!

The premise for this show I can do without. Yes, high stress levels can cause someone to react and do things that they wouldn’t have done otherwise, but the fact that her husband leaving her caused her to “possibly” commit murder is a bit of a turn off. Why couldn’t it have been something else?, I’m not a feminist but I feel like this makes females appear weak. I will not kill my husbands lover but I will kill my husband, the man that I committed over a decade to, bore two children left my job for. Yes, I profoundly believe that I will be more angry at my husband than his lover. Will I be watching Season Two thats suppose to air sometime this year?? That is yet to be determined.

Till Next Time…


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