Haters Back Off!

Haters Back Off!

I thought that this week I would do something light and funny since my last four posts consisted of science fiction and crime dramas. This time, Comedy it is and this one is hilarious. Haters Back Off! developed by Colleen Ballinger and her brother Chris Ballinger was released on Netflix October 14, 2016 with eight 30 minute episodes in Season one. Boy, do I wish I had her drive and tenacity! One thing is for sure, be prepared to laugh your ass off. Episode after episode I was in stitches, I sat there trying to comprehend in my mind how and why certain things were said and done, but who cares. This show is a must watch. Unbeknownst to me, Miranda Sings was created and portrayed in 2008 by Colleen Ballinger, which actually became a YouTube sensation. 

Miranda Sings is a talentless, naive, homeschooled teenager who seeks fame via Youtube. Through season one we are taken through her quest for fame, while being continually tortured by her lack of skills. I mean…I guess this is what the world has generally come to, some of the most popular videos on YouTube tend to be the most horrible videos. Miranda and her encourageable Uncle Jim come together to make her a “super star”. With his five steps to stardom it’s a rocky rollercoaster. In addition to her, Uncle Jim we have her “love interest” Patrick who also supports her without question. Watching Miranda venture out of her world into the real world, and beginning to interact with society will have you tearing up; has she never been in society before?? 

Miranda and Patrick.
Miranda and Patrick.

The family consists of Miranda, her uncle, her mother, and her sister. Her sister comes across as the only practical and level headed person in the family. Although Miranda is mean but not on purpose, I don’t really think that she has any type of filter, you tend to sympathize for her. She says whatever comes to her mind without any thought and it’s generally not politically correct. You thought Fran Dresser’s voice was annoying, wait until you hear Miranda Sings. But yet every day I would tune into The Nanny just to watch and hear her jokes. Miranda, God bless her poor heart, is so horrible she’s good. I have to wonder if the fact that she was homeschooled makes her so naive and unable to comprehend basic communication. This show is so horrible that you will hate that you love to watch it.

Her sister Emily goes to regular school and is openly embarrassed by Miranda. Wanting to live a seemly normal life, she does everything to keep her home life and outside life from colliding, much to no avail. Her mother who tries to balance the family in her own quirky way, struggles between giving in to Miranda, and trying to appease the rest of the family. We also get to see her undertake dating as a single parent and the clap back she gets from Miranda when she tries to is real.

Almost Famous!!
Almost Famous!!

Taking a side step, have you ever met that one person that was so sure of themselves and thought that they were amazing but in actuality they could be better suited for another task? How do you tell your best friend that they have no talent and they maybe better suited for something else? This comedy brings to mind this exact thought. The day and age where bad acting, bad singing and overall everything bad is entertainment. This show begs us to question whether or not we can be the judge of others, who are we to tell people not to follow their dreams? But how can we not judge her? Isn’t the mere fact that we watch these viral videos us judging said individual’s abilities? This show vaguely also brings up internet bullying, but it also shows a nice way to handle it, by still pursuing your dreams and not caring what others think.

One thing that confuses me is that Miranda comes across as immensely disillusioned, but is capable of having serious, down to earth talks with her sister. If it were me I would not have been able to speak to my mother or family in such a manner. Likewise this show brings us behind the scenes and into the mind of people who really believe in themselves, but aren’t that talented. I have to admit, aside from Miranda I find myself watching for Uncle Jim’s antics. Jim tries to get Miranda a commercial, attempts to take her on tour, and then some. So like I said, Miranda is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Haters Back Off!

Uncle Jim...
Uncle Jim…

At the end of the season I felt empowered and inspired. This comedy was able to portray a powerful message of never giving up on your dreams no matter what. Sometimes we watch a comedy, and at the end we laugh at all the jokes, are able to talk about certain scenes, and enjoy it with our peers; this one made me think if Miranda Sings can do it then I sure as hell can too. Where is Season Two and when is it coming out? What new adventures will Miranda, Uncle Jim, Emily, and their mom be embarking on??

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