Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is for Extroverts TOO!!

Living in Brooklyn, I realize that sometimes I don’t want to travel as far as the city to find a good place to get something to eat or something to do. That being said, I have been to many places in Brooklyn and I would like to share them with you. Recently, I’ve seen a particular ramen spot flooding my social media advertisement sections and I couldn’t help myself, I had to try it. So, on a nice calm night me, my boyfriend, and his brother decided to go check out this ramen spot that allowed you to eat alone without any interaction with anyone else. At first glance the exterior looks like a Supermarket but inside is where your life will be changed forever.

My booth!!
My booth!!

My initial thought when I saw and read about Ichiran Ramen was that when I got there, being the slight introvert that I am I will not have to bother with waitresses ignoring you or other customers being too close. However some of this was disproven that night. Upon arriving to Ichiran Ramen, we were greeted by a cheerful concierge, who was a little bit to eager for my blood (but hey what can you do). After being told what booth to sit in, I was creepily greeted by a person behind the wall. 


Sitting down, all I could see was a slender figure’s groin area then BAM out of nowhere a face politely saying Hello and Welcome. In a hushed, quickened tone she proceeded to explain the button to press when you need assistance, then suddenly, down came a bamboo textured blind. A bit stunned, I leaned back out the booth, looked at my boyfriend, and was like “What??” Lol. Pressing that button to summon assistance made me feel like a bourgeois ringing her bell for her maid. But all jokes aside, I honestly was not prepared for how the food tasted.

GROIN AREA!!!But hey at least they are taking my order!!!
GROIN AREA!!!But hey at least they are taking my order!!!


My tastebuds did jumping jacks, push-ups and crunches. I was transported back to Japan (although I have never been) I am absolutely certain that this is what authentic ramen tastes like. I fell in love on the spot. I left my boyfriend and his brother alone and diverted all of my attention back to my food. There was no conversation that could entice me, they were on their own. It wasn’t until I looked up that I realized how immersed in my food I was. I looked around and realized my bowl was empty, I leaned back to see my boyfriend and his brother still engaging in idle chat, and still eating. It was official…I had inhaled my food. 😔😔


The broth alone was sensational, there is a chart that helps guide you on how to properly enjoy your meal. You are able to pick the texture of your noodles and what you want to include in your Ramen. The red sauce was divine and the Tonkotsu Egg is a must try. The only thing I can say that bothered me was the sign saying NO TIPS. I understand certain cultures do not view tipping in a positive light, but this ramen was so good I wanted to make it rain in Ichiran Ramen lol (insert Leonardo DiCaprio Meme here).

How to truly experience ramen.
How to truly experience ramen.

I sat there and waited for them to finish, took my bill to the cashier and didn’t even bat an eye when he charged me a little over $29. YES, I SAID $29!!! Thinking back, no wonder there was a no tip sign jk. After I paid, I turned around and realized there was a restaurant portion in addition to the booths. So for people that on some days are introverted and don’t want to deal with people get the booth. And on the days your extrovert side rears its head, don’t worry you don’t have to miss out on what I believe to be the BEST ramen EVER, you can still go with a group of people and have your tastebuds wrapped in silk. 

But wait....there's more!!
But wait….there’s more!!

Enjoyable experience and EXCELLENT FOOD. 

P.S. the walls on the booth open up and you can eat with someone else....I know you can go with a fellow introvert...This is life.
P.S. the walls on the booth open up and you can eat with someone else….I know you can go with a fellow introvert…This is life.

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