Chewing Gum


I know, I know this review is a long time coming. Though I am aware that Season 2 has already hit the tele overseas I am still writing this review. I can’t tell you the number of people that I have already recommended this show to and they all come back with the same response….”OMG, it was sssoooo funny”, or something to that effect. I watched this show months ago and thinking about it still I find myself cracking up. Chewing Gum was not only written and created by Michaela Coel but it also stars this infectious actress. This hit British Comedy originated in 2012 from Coel’s senior graduating project at Guildhall a play called Chewing Gum Dreams. Receiving favorable reviews her play was later transformed into Chewing Gum, by August 2014 Chanel 4 announced that Chewing Gum was coming to television as a sitcom. October 6th 2015 Chewing Gum made its debut and on October 31st 2016 Netflix started streaming it.

Michaela Coel as Tracey
Michaela Coel as Tracey

“Christian Guilt”…need I say more? If you ever grew up in a Christian household or any religious household you know what I’m taking about. SEX IS A TABOO TOPIC. This show was able to hilariously depict the struggle between trying to follow your religious values while growing and desiring “worldly pleasures.” Through six short episodes we are taken through our main character Tracey’s struggle on her desire to lose her virginity, and the obstacles she faces when she attempts to become seductive and alluring. This show demonstrates how not talking to your children about sex and showing them how to embrace it can lead to obscure advice from others and an awkward first time.

To sin or not to sin??
To sin or not to sin??

Tracey’s sister, who I feel operates as the good angel on her right shoulder, tries to keep her in “God’s Light”. She is that constant reminder that SEX IS WRONG and that the only pure and right way is to abstain. She reminds me of the holier than thou person that you see in church, but later on see in the club. Though her sister does not go clubbing, she has her own desires and secrets. Hypocrisy in its raw form.

Tracey and her sister.
Tracey and her sister.

Ever had that friend that was down for anything and swore they could give you the best advise possible? Well that is who Candice is to Tracey. Though she supports Tracey in her quest to lose her virginity, her advice sometimes comes across a little bit misguided. With her unwavering support and cool grandmother she backs Tracey up and goes out of her way to attempt to make her dream come true. In this, I find Candice to be the little Devil on Tracey shoulder.

Candice and his
Candice and his grandmother…lol

Does Tracy end up losing her virginity in Season One?? Wouldn’t you like to know lol for that I’m sorry to burst your bubble but you’re going to have to watch to find out. There is little that needs to be said about Chewing Gum. Coel is talented in her own right and brings to life Tracy like no one else could. I have to say that I definitely watched this show in one sitting and kicked myself afterwards. I pray that Season Two comes to Netflix sooner rather than later, and that each episode is slightly extended, if not then please give us more than just six episodes to live on. “Man shall not live by bread alone…” so I beseech the creators of the show bless us with more episodes lol. Get out there watch it and let me know what you guys think.

Does Tracey get laid??
Does Tracey get laid??

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