Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet

“Walking Dead” meets “Modern Family”, lets just say that this show was not what I thought it was going to be but it was so worth watching. Premiering February 3rd 2017 on Netflix (obviously) Santa Clarita Diet, a horror-comedy was created by Victor Fresco. Created solely to be streamed by Netflix, this show is like non other. Cast members Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore make this show what it is. The premise of this show is that an average family, husband Olyphant and wife Barrymore along with their sixteen year old daughter who is played by Liv Hewson, lives are forever changed when Barrymore becomes a zombie. I know…calm down, its not as cheesy as it sounds, the acting is amazing and it really is quite hilarious and disturbing at the same time. I am not one for scary shows, but this horror-comedy has the right balance of scary and jokes that kept me from screaming and turning on all the lights in my house. Granted there are some scenes that are gory and takes you by surprise, nonetheless, you would enjoy it. 

The Hammond's: Shelia, Abby and Joel
The Hammond’s: Sheila, Abby and Joel

Only ten episodes that don’t exceed 30 mins you guys are in for a treat. I would like to warn you if you get queasy at the sight of blood, put down your food and watch this one on an empty stomach. There were times that all I could say was “That’s so nasty”. The personalities that each character exhibits are never-ending. From the neighbors to the store clerk, you will laugh your ass off but you will cringe every now and again. 

A lot of vomit...
A lot of vomit…

Never would I have thought I would be encouraging others to watch anything in the horror genre but here I am. First and foremost, let me start with Barrymore. I don’t really recall the last time I’ve seen her act in anything, but Santa Clarita Diet had me thinking “was she always such a good actress?” Don’t attack me if that statement offends, I don’t apologize for my thoughts. Barrymore plays Sheila Hammond, a real estate agent who is married to Joel Hammond also a real estate agent. While watching my boyfriend didn’t even recognize that it was Barrymore. She looks amazing and is very convincing as Sheila the zombie. No she doesn’t shed flesh and turns grey, or looks like the undead…although she is dead. Her transition is subtle and frankly entertaining.

Just your average Real Estate Agents
Just your average Real Estate Agents

My favorite character hands down is Joel (Olyphant), his attitude to the entire thing is amazing. In my heart of hearts I truly feel for Olyphant’s character. Joel steals your hearts with his charm, good looks and devotion. His love for Sheila and willingness to continue to accommodate her zombie tendencies is weird but sweet. Joel, along with Abby, who is played by Hewson, try to make their family remain as normal as possible considering everything that is happening, but how normal can you be once your wife and mother becomes undead? Joel goes above and beyond to maintain normality which is extremely short lived. Meanwhile, Abby struggles to accept her new home life while dealing with her own teenage drama.

Just another day with the Hammond's
Just another day with the Hammond’s

I read that although critics liked the show they were very critical about the “graphic scenes” and to that I say, uh maybe I agree. One thing is for sure I highly doubt that there is a channel out there that can house this show, not even HBO late nights would be able to broadcast it. And I must admit I did have a nightmare last night about one of the episodes, but its safe to say you can watch this show in the daylight or at night and feel fine…just don’t stay up and watch five episodes straight, eat a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken combo that was upgraded with a Mango Fruit Tea Chiller, and go to bed, because I’m sure it will not make for pleasant dreams. All that being said I only agree with the critics partially because I believe that the graphic scenes add a bit of color, figuratively and literally, to this show. As do most shows, Season One ended with me wanting more.

Dinner anyone??
Dinner anyone??

As of yet there is no word of when and if there will be a Season Two……that all depends on you guys. Please after you’ve read this go check it out, you will not be disappointed and share my blog with your friends so that they to can experience what you’ve experienced, word of mouth is extremely effective. In a day and age where ratings is key to the future production of shows if you like or love it share the wealth. Of course in the mean time I will keep you guys busy with other shows and definitely keep you posted on any new season releases. 

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