Burgrito’s: Go Grab a Bite with BAE!!

So guys I did it, I went, I saw and attempted to conquer. Taking the internet by storm, Burgrito’s is advertised as the only place to get their signature burger plus burrito meal. At first sight, the thought of trying a Burgrito does seem daunting, just take a second to imagine hamburger meat, tomato, lettuce, onions, fries (yes I did say fries), cheese, bacon and chipotle sauce all wrapped in a burrito skin. Did you take a second to imagine?? Did you get instantly full just by thinking of consuming such a meal?? Well you weren’t the only one.

I saw this restaurant Sunday morning while casually scrolling through my Facebook account and instantly I knew I had to try it. By Monday morning I was reminding my boyfriend that we had to go to this place today. Instinctively we barely ate the entire day which turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. At 6:30PM we ordered a Uber and off we went to Park Slope to gorge ourselves. 

Twenty minutes later we pulled up to the restaurant, with its bright lights self seating and wooden tables it made for a fast food restaurant experience. Upon entering we were told immediately that there would be a 45-50 minute wait which was very discouraging. We had made it this far and I was ssooo hungry I could’ve ate the menu, so we opted to stay, placed our order and waited. Slowly the place started to clear out and seats became available. Side note if you play Pokemon Go this place is right in the middle of TWO Poke stops so put on two lures and wait, its worth it. In addition this place does have outlets so you’ll be fine.

Fifty-five minutes later Burgrito’s develops a stillness in the air and my anticipation is over, our food is ready. The first thing out is the cheese fries; I now know that I have been eating cheese fries wrong my entire life. Topped with what looks to be two different cheeses and freshly made fries I was lost in translation. I quickly began downing fry after fry before I stopped myself….If the fries are this good what will this Burgrito be like?

Best Cheese Fries EVER!!!!
Best Cheese Fries EVER!!!!

Then it arrived, wrapped and concealed it was finally here. Unwrapping it apprehensively I didn’t know what to expect. The only down side was that it wasn’t precut but thats neither here nor there. Slicing it in half the best way I could, I was a little overwhelmed, how was I to finish all of this? My question was answered after my first bite. It was delicious hands down the best burger meat I’ve ever tasted. Each ingredient added to the uniqueness of the meal. The tomatoes, onions and lettuce were crisp and fresh. The fries were not as overpowering as I thought it would be the little hint of chipotle sauce sent me over the edge. And the bacon what can I say you can never go wrong with bacon. With my request for extra sauce, my knife, and my Burgrito, I was on a mission. Slabbed a little extra chipotle sauce before each bite for that extra kick and I was gone.

My Burgrito....yum
My Burgrito….yum

Did I finish?? Was it good?? See my next picture and you be the judge. I was stuffed and could barely move. Needless to say the cheese fries came home with me. The Burgrito is a meal within itself and sides for me are not recommended. For $9.99 you can’t go wrong. Smelling the sweet remnants of chipotle and burger on my fingers on my way home took me back to an almost euphoric feeling.

Almost made it.....
Almost made it…..

So after you’ve watched all the shows I’ve recommended, and you’re looking for some place new to take bae, go to BURGRITO’S. I’m sure its not always a hour wait but even if it is its definitely worth the wait. Let me know what you guys think.

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Till Next Time…


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