Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

QUICK FIX ON NETFLIX: Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

I know that not everyone has hours or days to dedicate to watching shows that are one-two seasons long with how ever many episodes in tow. Sometimes you guys want a show that you can watch in one sitting. Or even a show that you can invite a date over and have a few laughs. So yes I get it short and sweet is what some of my readers are looking for and here it is. “Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark” comedy stand up special on Netflix is just that. Located in the Netflix Original section this 1hr 7min stand up will having you peeing your pants. Why haven’t you guys watched it yet beats me, maybe you guys are stilling working your way through the other recommendations on my list. But stop right there and go watch this. 

No one vomits gracefully...
No one vomits gracefully…

The host of the “Daily Show” brings his South African charm and his talent of mastering accents to the stage. If you enjoy watching him on the “Daily Show” you will revel in this short stand up. “Afraid of the Dark” is just one small joke in a sea of many. He did hit on some topics that were close to home but I assure you that his comedy is for all audiences. Politics, race, culture, accents, drinking and more, Noah will have you in stitches. He isn’t vulgar and is able to get his jokes across without being too over the top. I can appreciate that he is able to make light of serious situations that are in our current events. Whether black, white, native, immigrant, republican or democrat you will enjoy yourself.

So this shouldn’t really be about me trying to convince you guys to go and watch it but should more so be a discussion between us on how you guys felt about it. If you’ve already watched it answer me this….How’s your Russian accent coming along??

Till Next Time…


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