Cheese Cheese and a Boat: Dinner at “Cheeseboat”

Cheese, Cheese and a Boat: Dinner at “Cheeseboat”

“Do you have a reservation?” A question I hadn’t expected to hear upon entering “Cheeseboat”. Located in Williamsburg, this corner restaurant creates the most delicious cheese and bread combo you will ever happen to eat. The dish is an authentic dish from Georgia and is served up in a variety of ways. Ushered past the clean wooden tables filled with laughter, and aesthetically pleasing food to the bar, I was starving and frankly not caring about seat placement and was oh so happy that any seat was available. Chilling at the bar with bae looking through the menu, I began to sway and bob, then halted my movement to actually listen to the music coming from the speakers. Sisqo, Mary J. Blige, Outkast, Alicia Keys and the like play and I start to dance again in my seat. 

Don't mind if I do...
Don’t mind if I do…

Being the Caribbean person that I am, I ordered hot tea and was excited when it came. My own personal tea pot was put before me along side a porcelain tea cup and saucer. With a quick glance at the menu I saw that Mimosa’s were served and I took the opportunity to order it. No watered down drinks at this bar, 98% champagne and 2% orange juice if that. Then I placed my order for the Spinach Cheeseboat with truffle butter, then the wait begin.


The bartender was gracious enough to explain how we were to eat our traditional cheeseboat. First we were to start by stirring the continents of the cheeseboat with a fork or knife, then start eating by tearing off the bread and dipping it in the cheese. Orgasmic was my initial thought, so much cheese I was in cheese heaven. One thing however, I believe when I mixed in the truffle butter I may have made it a bit salty, other than that it was fantastic. If you’re not a cheese lover this dish is not for you. The cheese was not only just in the center but the edges of the bread was stuffed with cheese. A meal I would soon love to repeat.

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The atmosphere is soft and welcoming, the music is not blearing but appeasing to your ears. Conversation comes easy because you feel so at home in this place. The kitchen is semi-open allowing for the aromas of all the dishes to drift to you as you sit engaged with your company. Makes for a nice intimate romantic night out if you ask me. Upon talking further with the bartender I was told that there is live music Wednesday nights and the artist are often displayed on their Instagram page. Also I was told Friday, Saturday and Sundays tend to be their busier days and reservations are recommended, food for thought. 

Game of Battleship lost because this boat refused to sink...
Game of Battleship lost because this boat refused to sink…

Delightfully full, bill paid, I had but one thing to do check out…the bathroom. Don’t judge me, I admire decor. The bathroom offered something I didn’t expect, a way to leave your mark. A small bowl of chalk is just laying on a shelf and the walls are covered in names and sentiment. So when visiting look for a heart encased C & S on the door. Leave your mark and let me know how your cheeseboat experience was.

Till Next Time…


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