Take The 10

Quick Fix on Netflix: “Take the 10”

So I’ve been busy trying to get things in order because I’m about to take a big step in about a week or so, don’t worry I will let you guys know really soon. On top of that I’ve been battling the flu, so yeah, life happens but I’am here. Moving right along, I found this comedy on Netflix that although at first I was like a “why am I watching this”, wound up having a couple of very powerful messages at the end. Before you try and say “Vonny I hope this isn’t a show with a ton of episodes” , trust me, it is not. As the title of the blog says “Quick Fix on Netflix”, once my blog starts like this you should automatically know that its more a movie than a series show. On that note I watched “Take the 10” a short 1hr and 20 min comedy written and directed by Chester Tam is about two best friends that go though hell and back in span of a few days.

Chris and Chester best friends.
Chris and Chester best friends.


Chester and Chris are best friends that work in the local supermarket but in my opinion have a toxic relationship. Chester, who comes from humble beginnings has always had a dream to leave America and go live in Brazil. Chris on the other hand comes from a decent background but comes across as a real fuckboy. Between Chris stealing to get his car out of impound to go to a concert, and Chester getting practically kidnapped by fake Spanish-sounding drug lords, there is no end to the stupidity that is showcased. But trust me, there is more to this.

Stay away from Craigslist...
Stay away from Craigslist…

Could their issues have been solved a lot sooner than 1hr 20 mins?? YES!! However it gets real towards the end. Josh Peck who stars as Chris becomes a character you can’t stand. But Tony Revolori you can’t help but feel sorry for, and rejoice for him at the end. I find myself looking for more shows with these two actors, don’t judge me. “Take the 10” was entertaining in its own right. But it made me question the term “best friends”. In my opinion these two have a visceral friendship that breeds disaster. You guys let me know what you think. In addition can you name all the other comedians that make an appearance?

The love a best friend...
The love a best friend…

Till Next Time…


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