Iron Fist

Did Marvel get “Iron Fist” right?

So if you’re like me, you were probably waiting patiently for Marvel’s “Iron Fist” to drop on Netflix this past Friday, March 17th. And much like me you probably threw caution to the wind and started binge watching. Also like me, you tried to minimize all extra activity that would cause you to miss an episode. Saturday morning at the laundromat found me in the car between cycles watching this show. I vowed to myself that I was going to sit and take in all of what was being handed to me. Now don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a huge fan of comics, nor am I a comic connoisseur, however I don’t hate them, they just never seem to hold my interest. That being said, I do love a good show and as you know Netflix is my go to. Recently with all these Marvel releases on Netflix I find myself peering over my comic non-cholance to engage in this community.

Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist
Daniel Rand aka Iron Fist

Now when it comes to the other Marvel releases it influenced whether or not I was going to watch “Iron Fist”. “Daredevil” has to be my favorite hands down between the acting, to the action, which is actually believable, these things gave me the patience to watch more Marvel shows. By the time I watched “Jessica Jones” I thought to myself “well maybe you need to start attending ComicCon because this may just be the next hobby for you”. But “Luke Cage” bought all this to a screeching hault. I personally did not like it. So once I saw the trailer for “Iron Fist”, my first thought was ” it looks kinda cool but I hope it’s not wack”. I didn’t even know who “Iron Fist” was before this. 

Who's your favorite??
Who’s your favorite??

Enough about all of that I’m sure you guys may be wondering what I thought about this highly anticipated new Marvel release. Now this review may be better off read if you are familiar with comics if you don’t mind slight SPOILERS. Now did they convince me that this privileged young man became a Kung Fu Master over his 15 year disappearance…..uh no. I mean yes there was a lot of action packed scenes but I felt like for a show that was supposed to be laced with Kung Fu I would of figured the choreography would of been a lot better. SOO they didn’t peep “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, “IP Man”, “13 Assassins” and other shows like it, why couldn’t we get some action like that even “Marco Polo Thousand Eyes” fighting scenes were better than this. There was no way that you could convince me that Daniel Rand aka the Iron Fist hailed from this secret city that bred warriors trained in an ancient art of Kung Fu -_-.

Where you convinced??
Where you convinced??

Another thing that I could have done without was the semi-serious emotional clips, which was really awkward to watch. I mean they tried…they really did, but some of the dramatic moments fell short for me and were a little lack luster. Now what I loved was the appearance of other Marvel characters, that for me was it, I was over-the-moon happy, thank you Marvel for that little treat. All in all, it wasn’t bad the ending was cheesy but if they up the technique in regards to the fighting then I can see Season Two being worth the watch, if not I think I would be better off reading the comics. How did you guys enjoy it?? What is your favorite Marvel character release so far??

Iron Fist
Iron Fist

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