Power Rangers


So I definitely couldn’t wait to get home and start typing, as I’m presently in my seat at the theatre as the credits are rolling starting my review. Need I say that I relived my childhood tonight. Getting to it, one good thing that I liked about this movie is that they didn’t drag out the back story but got straight to the point. 

Power coins make a return in the new movie...
Power coins make a return in the new movie…

From the start it was laced with action. The videography was well done and the music was insane. I loved the actors that took on this roll and believed they did a phenomenal job I was throughly convinced that these kids were the next Power Rangers. Blue, Black, Red, Pink and Yellow, the original five were present and taking no prisoners. Their morph is one for the books and I can honestly say I shed a tear while watching the scene leading to the morph. 

It's Morphing Time!!!!
It’s Morphing Time!!!!

Though at time the acting did come across as lack luster, the combination of action and comedy made up for it. I must say the fighting scenes had me overly impressed. Me along with my fellow movie watchers, which after a quick scan was made up of mostly people in my age bracket, cheered, clapped, laughed, cried amongst other things while watching this movie. If you are my age you are transported back in time to your seven year old self and don’t want to leave, I loved it so much because it made me feel like a kid again.

Dinozords get a facelift !!!
Dinozords get a facelift !!!

Never fear, the original theme song does make an appearance, and while you wait for the Megazord to show, brace yourself because shit gets real. Rita gets a tremendous upgrade, can you say “Revenge Body with Khole K. That being said I will so pay to see this movie again. GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GO SEE THIS MOVIE, YOU WON’T REGRET IT. 

Rita Repulsa
Rita Repulsa

Before the movie started I asked by boyfriend if he thought any of the original Power Rangers will make an appearance his answer was NO, I guess you’re just going to have to go watch it and find out if he was right.

Till Next Time…


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