Deidra and Laney Rob a Train

Something light for the kids: “DEIDRA AND LANEY ROB A TRAIN”

When I initially started to watch this movie I did it out of sheer boredom, which later turned into vague interest. I did not like the movie entirely for the mere fact that the acting was a bit over animated. But, then I had to stop and view this from a teen’s (TV-14) point of view and realized that the movie in it of its self is not bad at all. Released on Netflix March 17th, it depicts two young sisters who are still in high school robbing trains to support themselves. Now these girls didn’t just wake up one day and decide that train robing was better than a 9-5, no. Due to unforeseeable circumstances and faced with limited options they turned to what seemed like the next best thing.

Sometimes there is no other way.
Sometimes there is no other way.

The rawness of the parent’s relationship and children with diverse backgrounds I find helps today’s youths grow up with some sense of tolerance. A touching message that came through was that of a mother’s love and how not to take it for granted. This is a strong movie with a stronger message, once you can get past the cheesy acting it becomes worthwhile. A tear was shed, oh well don’t judge me, those of you with siblings or close relatives out there will understand me. Even if you don’t have one, it will still hit home. After watching this movie, I took a second to reflect on the relationships I have with my mother and sister and realized how we can easily look past the small things that people close to us do for us. I recommend this movie for the youth in your life. Sit with them and watch it. To often we watch the wrong things with our future generations, things that have no substance or meaning or things that passes along bad messages. Try this for a change.

Let's just say motherhood aint easy...
Let’s just say motherhood aint easy…

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